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What is Borrowed?

Borrowed Vintage Rentals supplies antique decorations and resources for event planners, brides, and photographers so they can create lasting memories for the most important events in their lives.

Each item has its own story to tell—the people it belonged to, where it’s been, how it was made.  There’s a story behind each nick and scratch. We invite you to be part of this story.  Our pieces are seasoned with character and charm. They’re as unique as the people who borrow from us.  For your special day, you deserve the things that will convey your unique style without having to spend a fortune. Borrowed Vintage Rentals allows you to rent from our private collection.

These pieces can be challenging to locate and refurbish, especially at an affordable price. Borrowing from our collection saves the time and effort of finding the perfect vintage pieces for your event so you can spend more time worrying about the more important things. If there is a particular item you are looking for but haven’t had any luck finding, please contact me. I can help!


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Cheryl Peterson - April 11, 2012 - 12:47 am

Wonderful idea! Will certainly refer others and call if I need anything. Thanks for including me.

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