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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Where do you find your pieces?

A:   Most of the items have been meticulously selected as decor for my home.  Other items were found at flea markets and thrift stores.  A few gems were salvaged and given a second chance in life.  Now I offer them to you use for your next event!


Q:   Why should I rent from Borrowed?

A:   I was a bride once myself.  I know how time consuming and stressful it is to locate that one of a kind piece to add that special touch to your event.  Plus, once you are done with the item, what will you do with it?  Why buy when you can just borrow it from us.  Less for you to worry about and you won’t have to worry about breaking your budget just to create a beautiful look and feel to your special event.


Q:   Are your items for sale?

A:   Our pieces are not for sale.  But if you are interested in selling any pieces you have, please contact us.


Q:   What if we damage the pieces?

A:  Because our pieces are one of a kind we do ask our clients to handle each piece with care.  We require a refundable deposit on all our pieces.  Once the rented pieces are returned and inspected for damages, the deposit is refunded.


Q:   When will you deliver my items?  Can you guarantee delivery?

A:   Delivery will be dictated on the contract.  There is a base delivery fee up to 25 miles plus .59 for each additional mile.